Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga for Men and Women

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Ashtanga Yoga is believed to be compiled and promoted by sage Patanjali. In Sanskrit Ashta-anga means eight-limbs. Through this yoga process, one is benefited from physical and mental strength, peace, and an enlightened way of life.

Comprising of 196 yogasutras, the eight limbs or eight segments of ashtanga yoga are yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi. Genderizing of yoga may not appear the right approach. Nonetheless, the benefits of ashtanga yoga for men may differ from the benefits of ashtanga yoga for women. Basically due to the difference in physical composition between the genders.

Dubaiyogatrainers has been offering ashtanga yoga classes for both men and women. The yoga poses would reenergize the body and mind. Enhancing the efficiency of the individuals greatly.

Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga for Men

The yoga poses of ashtanga yoga for men and women are the same. The effect it has on the body would depend on the body characteristics generally. Ashtanga yoga under the guidance of expert Dubaiyogatrainers offers abundant benefits to men. The benefits of ashtanga yoga for men are:

·         Practicing ashtanga yoga as per the stipulated schedule would improve muscle strength and stamina.

·         Flexible limps and body are also offered by ashtanga yoga.

·         The yoga poses are designed to boost positivity through the stimulation of nerve cells.

·         Ashtanga yoga offers a composed attitude, with an optimistic mind.

·         Great control on the  feelings and emotional outbursts.

·         Get rid of negativity from the mind, with the guided yoga asanas under the Dubaiyogatrainers.

·         Proven to increase testosterone levels, ashtanga yoga would help in satisfied and strong sex life.

Comprehensive development of body and mind is what ashtanga yoga offers. These are the main benefits of ashtanga yoga for men.

Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga for Women

Ashtanga yoga is the best physical exercise for women. Especially for those who have a busy work-life schedule. Women practicing ashtanga yoga have shown a great physical and mental strength to face any situation. While remaining calm and focussed even during complex situations.

The benefits of ashtanga yoga for women are:

·         Flexible body can be achieved by pursuing ashtanga yoga asana. Practicing the asanas properly under the guidance of proficient teachers, stiffness in the body is reduced remarkably over a period.

·         Multitasking can lead to distraction from the prime objective. Ashtanga yoga would enhance the focus by energizing the nerve cells. Women would be able to attain the targets and handle multiple projects simultaneously, with the enhanced focus.  

·         Creativity would be elevated significantly with the reenergised brain and comprehensive functioning of mind and body.

·         Get rid of the worries from the past and move ahead in life with added positivity.

·         Remove anxiety from your thoughts with ashtanga yoga practice daily.

·         Improve physical strength, with increased blood circulation and yoga poses designed to improve muscle strength.

·         Boosts immunity to remain immune to an unhealthy environment.

·         Lowers the blood pressure remarkably well and helps to maintain it within the stipulated limits.

·         Strong bones and joints is another advantage of practicing ashtanga yoga. Make sure that you are pursuing yoga under the guidance of experienced yoga instructors such as Dubaiyogatrainers. Improper practice of ashtanga yoga may be counterproductive.

These are the basic benefits of ashtanga yoga for men and women. It is difficult to remain healthy and energetic with the workload and target-oriented tasks in hand. Besides domestic stresses and concerns. Ashtanga yoga is one of the best physical exercises that would offer you a positive life.

We offer you customized yoga classes according to the schedule convenient to you. To join ashtanga yoga classes in Dubai under Dubaiyogatrainers, contact now.   

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