Desk Yoga- Corporate Yoga Sequence at Your Desk

Desk Yoga: Corporate Yoga Sequence at Your Desk

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Maintaining health is a challenging task in the ever-busy corporate world. Deadlines, competitions, analyses, strategies, and whatnot. A corporate person’s day is full of activities. It will be difficult to find time for yoga or any other physical activity to keep fit. Consequently, the health deteriorates faster than any other person, leading to ailments that require medical intervention.

Desk yoga or yoga at your desk could be an excellent thing for such busy people. Besides that, many from the entrepreneurial world have joined corporate yoga classes offered by Dubaiyogatrainers.

Desk Yoga Poses You Can Pursue

You can make use of the moments you get in between your busy schedules, to practice yoga at your desk. The simple but effective asanas will help in improving blood circulation, burning out calories, and keeping the organs active.

Alternatively, you can join the corporate yoga classes by Dubaiyogatrainers. The classes are scheduled as convenient to the client. Therefore, there won’t be any issues with the yoga session timings.

Seated Crescent Moon (Anjaneyasana)

Lift your arms above your head, and link the palms. Stretching your fingers wide, lean to one side slowly. Concentrate on your breathing and take two to three deep breaths. Continue the pose on the other side. This is a simple desk yoga pose that can be performed without any difficulty.

Wrist and Finger Stretches Yoga at Your Desk

Writing or typing constantly can create stress on the fingers and wrist. It is essential to ensure constant blood flow in the fingers. This desk yoga pose helps in boosting blood circulation in the palm, wrist, and finger regions. Extend the arms upward, and draw around ten circles both ways. Spread and close fingers in quick successions. After this, place the hands in front of you, with palms facing up, and apply downward pressure. Place the palms downward and carry out the asana again. Continue for about ten seconds.

Eagle Arms

Sit straight, well erected. Place the palms at ninety degrees in front. Interlock the arms by crossing one over the other. Stretch the fingers upward and lift the elbows. Take long breaths. Continue for six seconds/ six breaths. Repeat switching the arms position. This desk yoga asana can be supplemented with the same activity on the legs. Interlink the feet for this yoga at your desk. You may consult Dubaiyogatrainers for more guidance on this.

Desk Yoga Seated Twist

Seated twist is an effective yoga at your desk for enhancing blood circulation, strengthening abdominal muscles, and flexing the vertebral column. Seated on the chair, hold the legs of the chair behind. Twist the chest, and abdomen gently to one side, and take a long breath. Repeat on the other side. Do this four to five times on both sides.

Chair Pigeon Yoga at Your Desk

In the seated position, place one leg on the other at a ninety-degree angle. Remain in an erected position, distributing even pressure on both glute muscles and bones. Avoid loading the knee. It should remain easy. This is effective in strengthening the legs, boosting blood flow, and developing immune strength. We suggest corporate yoga classes, which would be more useful if you want to burn out more calories.

Desk Yoga Sit and Stand Chair

Start in the seated position, keeping the foot flat on the floor. Knees should be at a ninety-degree angle. Press the feet down and stand up slowly. Don’t use hand pressure for standing, the muscle strength of the glute and heels is only to be used. Sit down slowly. Repeat this at least ten times.

These are some of the useful yoga poses you can practice at your desk. It would be more beneficial if you join our corporate yoga classes. Remaining healthy is the best achievement for any person.

To join Dubaiyogatrainers’ corporate yoga classes, contact us now.

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