Difference between meditation and yoga. Which one is better?

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Most people have a thought that yoga and meditation and also the benefits of meditation and the benefits of yoga practice are the same.  Though there are similarities between them, there are lots of differences between meditation and yoga.

Meditation is regarded as an important fragment of the yoga practice and the benefits of meditation include the pursuit of mental stability. Whereas the yoga practice includes both physical and mental exercise. When Yoga practice is about poses and breathing exercises the process of meditation is about concentration.

The activating poses in yoga practice are normally practised at the beginning, this is done to kindle the nervous system and is alternated with the relaxing poses, which in turn helps in activating the parasympathetic nervous system. The eight steps of yoga are yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dhyana, dharana, and samadhi. Yoga is considered a way of life and the practice gives all-around benefits to the practitioner.

Meditation deals with concentration and mental relaxation, here attention is given to thoughts and breath. The thought process is controlled while you are being aware of the breathing which results in the relaxation of the mind completely. 

Let us see the key differences between meditation and yoga:

·       Yoga practice is a way of life and the relentless practice of yoga provides benefits to mental and physical health

·       Yoga includes extra physical training

·       Yoga helps in improving flexibility

·       Yoga is performed with bodily movements

·       Yoga at times can be physically exhausting

·       Yoga can help in greater physical fitness

·       Yoga helps in enhancing both mental and physical health

·       Yoga brings in a lot of physical benefits


·       Meditation is a key part of yoga practice which helps in dealing with mental health, relaxation and helps in enhancing concentration

·       Unlike Yoga practice, Meditation includes the training of the mind

·       It is better for stress management

·       Mediation doesn’t require bodily movements

·       Meditation is done in more relaxing methods and is normally performed in a single pose

·       Meditation enhances the mental health and stability

·       Meditation helps in mental clarity and greater understanding of oneself

·       Meditation brings in lots of mental benefits 

The practice of Yoga and meditation brings in lots of benefits, that includes better spinal flexibility, better health of the bones, joints, and muscles, better cardiovascular health, better digestion and metabolism and many more. 

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