Chair Yoga Ideas For Seniors

Top 10 Chair Pose Ideas for Seniors

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It is common thing for the aged to have weak legs and knee problems. This affects them practicing any type of physical exercise standing. Yoga has a solution for this as well. There are a number of yoga poses that can be practiced sitting. Seniors, who are unable to stand during the yoga sessions, can opt for chair yoga asanas.

Dubaiyogatrainers have exclusive yoga classes for seniors. Those with issues with their leg will be guided through chair yoga poses by our experts. We have seen an increasing number of aged people picking yoga for seniors. Discussed here are the top 10 chair yoga poses ideas for seniors. The teachers at DubaiYogaTrainers guide the clients on the right method to pursue chair yoga poses.

1. Seated Mountain

Seated Tadasana is an effective chair yoga pose for keeping the body active. It helps in stretching the upper part of the body, hips, shoulders, and backbone. You must keep the body straight and knee bend at 90-degree for performing this pose.  

2. Overhead Stretch

Keep your body steady, hands kept on both sides, raise the arms upwards taking a deep breath. The backbone must be kept straight throughout this asana. This is one of the initial asanas in yoga for seniors.

3. Neck Stretch

The aim of chair yoga poses for seniors is to improve blood circulation that would infuse energy. Neck stretch is done to strengthen the neck region and rejuvenate the tissues around it. Dubaiyogatrainers guide each of the clients thoroughly for maintaining the pose properly.

4. Chair Pigeon

Chair pigeon pose requires you to lift your ankles alternatively to the thighs. The Dubaiyogatrainers would provide support to those who face difficulty in bending knees for performing the pose. If the person is having a problem with knees, the other poses from the yoga for seniors would be suggested instead of chair pigeon.

5. Reverse Arm Hold

Reverse arm hold stretches and expands the upper part of the body effectively. The yoga pose is proven useful for energizing organs, improving blood circulation, and strengthening the core.

6. Seated Forward Bend

All the chair yoga poses we describe here must be done with a focused mind and a steady body. Although the Dubaiyogatrainers would render complete assistance and guidance, the person’s involvement is essential for optimal efficacy of yoga asanas.

7. Chair Warrior

Chair Warrior pose is suggested for those with flexible bodies only. We understand the mobility issues faced by aged persons. The yoga for seniors hence would be customized according to the client’s physical condition and flexibility. Chair Warrior is one of the chair yoga poses suggested for seniors, only if he or she is active enough to perform it.

8. Cat-Cow Stretch

This yoga pose for seniors resembles a cow at one point and a cat at another. The asana is helpful for inducing flexibility and strength to the body.

9. Eagle Arms Pose

Eagle arm pose would help in eliminating rigidity from muscle tissues. Pursue this chair yoga pose slowly with a concentration on the posture. Follow the guidance from DubaiYoyaTrainers to perform the pose properly.

10. Chair Spinal Twist

Aimed to ensure better blood circulation around the hip and spinal region, Chair Spinal Twist is the tenth pose in yoga for seniors. The poses would be according to the physical condition, flexibility, and mobility of the seniors. Hence, you can expect minor amendments while undergoing yoga classes for seniors.

Benefits of Chair Yoga Poses

The benefits of undergoing chair yoga classes at Dubaiyogatrainers include:

·         Enhanced flexibility

·         Reducing anxiety and stress

·         Reduces pain in joints

·         Boosts blood circulation

·         Induces confidence and positivity

Are you looking to join yoga for seniors?

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