What is Swing Yoga? Benefits of swing yoga

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Swing Yoga is a way to practice asana or poses while the practitioner is suspended in the air. Swing Yoga poses are a combination of yoga asanas, gymnastics, pilates, and trapeze acrobatics, which make you feel that you are flying. 

Swing Poses permits the practitioner to train various poses with the sustenance of a sturdy fabric hammock, which helps in remaining in upturns to decompress your spine and performing different Swing yoga poses.

Swing Yoga is also referred to as aerial yoga or anti-gravity and has many resemblances to traditional yoga practices. The vast difference is that partaking in aerial yoga classes with the body’s weight is supported by a hammock. Swing Yoga poses are a good option for beginners and experienced yoga practitioners. Swing Yoga can be a vigorous, full-body and mind workout or a healing practice.

Benefits of Swing Yoga

1. Ease neck and neck pressure

Being suspended and upside down in a Swing yoga pose helps lengthen and decompress the spine.

2. Helps in circulation

Considering the nature of the poses and breathing through the movements, Swing is beneficial for encouraging circulation through the body and helps in digestion is another benefit of Swing Yoga.

3. Enhances core strength

To preserve stability throughout the different Swing yoga poses, it’s imperative to retain the abdominal muscles engaged throughout the Swing Yoga practice.

4. Bolster mood and confidence

Apart from providing a way to study something new, Swing Yoga makes more advanced yoga poses open to beginner Yoga practitioners with the support of the sling, which can improve the confidence in the practice and offer a sense of accomplishment.

5. Exercise with Low-impact

Swing yoga is a brilliant choice for those who want to move their bodies but suffer from joint issues. With the help of gravity and suspension, swing yoga permits you to create space in the body without squashing the joints. Swing Yoga provides joint-relief-focused asanas that precisely target joint pressure and pain. 

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