Yoga Poses For Women Above 40

Yoga Poses that help to De-stress For Women Over 40

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 The women above 40 face a truly intimidating scenario, with stress at the office, menopause symptoms, problems at the home, arthritic conditions, thyroid variations, anxiety, and other familial requirements. The tension caused by the complex situation will lead to early ageing, tiredness, lack of enthusiasm, loss of energy, and associated physical ailments. Most women are careless about these conditions, as they extend the least priority to their own health. Remember that, you are doing more harm to you and your family by neglecting it.

Yoga asana is the best remedy for all these issues. The age-old form of exercise will rejuvenate both your body and soul. It will nourish your brain with good thoughts, energize your organs, and instill strength in your inner-self. The increased awareness about the benefits has led to cocooning of yoga classes for ladies everywhere. Women nowadays opt for personal yoga trainers in Dubai. By which they can schedule the yoga classes depending on the time availability. 

We will be looking at the yoga poses for women over 40. The yoga asanas mentioned in the succeeding paragraphs will help you reclaim your lost charm and energy. It will be more advantageous if you can undergo training under a personal (lady) yoga trainer in Dubai.

Vrikshasana or Tree Pose  

Vrikshasana is one of the most effective yoga poses for women that are done in a standing posture. This yoga asana from hatha yoga strengthens the legs and opens up the hips. Besides enhancing the neuromuscular coordination, concentration, body balance, and strengthens the backbone, ankle, thigh, knee, and leg. Women with pain in the leg are advised to practice this yoga pose to cure the ailment to a great extent. A personal yoga trainer in Dubai will be suggesting you this pose after ascertaining your physical conditions and the objectives.

Utthita Lolasana or Swinging While Standing Pose

This is another yoga pose that is done standing. The Utthita Lolasana helps in energizing the body, activating the organs, and improving blood circulation. It also aids in increasing the flexibility of the back, hip, and upper body. However, we advise you to avoid this yoga pose if you are a person with high BP or disc problems. Discuss the condition with your personal yoga trainer in Dubai before pursuing Utthita Lolasana.

Tadasana (Samasthiti) or Mountain Pose

Unlike other asanas, Tadasana is not from hatha yoga. It has been evolved over a period and became the core asana that led to the development of many other standing yoga poses. Tadasana is an unavoidable yoga asana in modern yoga training. The asana will help in regulating breathing, boosting the body balances, strengthening the vertebral column, stomach muscles, and legs. Besides providing flexibility to ankles, and joints. This is one of the commonly followed yoga poses for women.

Gomukhasana or Cow Face Pose

Gomukhasana is done in a sitting position. Ideally done as the first yoga pose, it helps in expanding your shoulders and relaxes them, expands your chest, stretches the back, triceps, and thighs. In addition to strengthening biceps, forearm, and shoulder muscles. This yoga asana can be considered for meditation as well. Make sure that your stomach is empty before performing Gomukhasana or Cow Face Pose. A lady yoga trainer in Dubai would be helpful in guiding you about the right way to do this asana. She will be able to correct your posture to obtain the expected result.

Benefits of Personal Yoga Trainer (Women)

Even though you can join yoga classes for ladies, it is better to undergo yoga training under a personal (lady) yoga trainer in Dubai. Enumerated below are the basic benefits of hiring a lady yoga trainer in Dubai.

        They will provide you with customized yoga poses according to the nature of your body, to get the best result

        You can share the health history, physical ailments you are suffering from, and your target to the lady yoga trainer in Dubai. She will formulate the most ideal yoga course accordingly

        You can share your concerns and issues with the compassionate personal yoga trainer in Dubai

        It may be possible to schedule the yoga classes based on your availability

        Personal attention from the yoga trainer is more beneficial than joining a class with many students

Join Dubai Yoga Trainers and Begin a Healthy Life

Dubai yoga trainers have experienced yoga instructors, who understand the intricate aspects of each of the yoga poses. Rather than just instructing you to follow the pose, they will guide you in the right manner to perform it properly. Furthermore, our personal yoga trainer in Dubai and other yoga instructors will nourish you with the concepts and benefits of each of the asanas. For you to imbibe the positivity. In turn, better results.

Join our yoga classes in Dubai today.  







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