10 yoga asanas for neck and shoulder pain

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Many among us spend hours hunching over the mobile phones and tablets and sitting in front of the computers which has risen with the new norm of work from culture. The earlier mentioned digital devices require you to have repetitive movements of the neck and shoulder which will lead to extreme strain in these parts. Another set of reasons for the neck and shoulder pain can be incorrect sleeping positions and that can also be due to some serious medical conditions which require immediate medical attention/treatment.

If you are suffering from minor pain or strains in your neck, shoulder, or back, you can consider yoga poses for neck and shoulder pain to relieve symptoms. Yoga practice helps lessen stress, improve heart health, better quality sleep, and reduce chronic pain.

Let us talk about 10 yoga asanas for neck and shoulder pain in this article

PS: If you feel that the pain and strain you are suffering from is due to some underlying serious medical condition then it is advised to consult a doctor before practicing Yoga poses for neck and shoulder pain.

1)      Ear to shoulder/neck roll

The ear to shoulder or neck roll pose is the most popular pose among the 10 yoga asanas for neck and shoulder pain. This Yoga poses for neck and shoulder pain is an enormously delicate stretch that doesn’t need a lot of pressure.

2)      Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose

Another among the 10 yoga asanas for neck and shoulder pain- Bhujangasana is one of the best ways to provide a natural stretch to the spine which brings in more flexibility.  Bhujangasana elasticities the shoulders, chest, and relieves stiffness in the upper body which is a result of continuous sitting and hunching.

3)      Vajrasana

This Yoga poses for neck and shoulder pain- Vajrasana helps us stand upright and also helps in keeping the back muscles strong.

4)      Cakravakasana

Cakravakasana improves spine flexibility, relieves toughness in the back, and strengthens abs.

5)      Paschimottanasana

Apart from stretching the spine, shoulders, and hamstrings, these Yoga poses for neck and shoulder pain also helps in calming the brain and help relieve stress and mild depression.

6)      Apanasana

Apanasana stretches and steadies the pelvis and lower back and helps in alleviating lower back pain. It also helps in reducing excessive anger, excitement, anxiety, and high blood pressure.

7)      Dvipada Pitham

This yoga pose can help in reducing strain in the neck, shoulders, and back. It also helps in building strength and improved flexibility.

8)      Sukhasana Parivrtti or Easy Seated Twist

During the Sukhasana Parivrtti yoga pose, the winding of the upper body enhances the mobility of the spine, shoulders, and neck. Also, twisting in seated Sukhasana progresses the flexibility of the waist and lower part of the body.

9)      Utthita Trikonasana or Extended Triangle Pose

This yoga pose strengthens your back, neck, and abdominals. It also helps in strengthening the legs, feet, and ankles

10)   Uttanasana or Standing Forward Bend

Among the 10 yoga asanas for neck and shoulder pain,  uttanasana pose improves the process of blood circulation and helps in improving posture and alignment.

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