5 Yoga Poses To Get you Ready For New Year

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The New Year brings a lot of positivity and energy. It is the time to contemplate and change oneself. Look into the heart and get rid of all the negativity, pessimistic traits, and unhealthy habits that pull you back.

What else, other than yoga, can offer you enhanced vitality?

The age-old physical exercise, that blends both science and ancestral knowledge, would add energy to the mind and body. Practice the yoga poses under the guidance of experienced Dubaiyogatrainers and enter into the realm of a pleasant life.

1.     Ashwa Sanchalanasana (The Low Lunge Posture)

This yoga pose is also known as Equestrian Pose. In ashwa sanchalanasana, the upper body part or the chest is raised upwards. While the palms would be kept flat pressed on the ground, beside the front foot.

The Dubaiyogatrainers would assist you in performing this yoga pose properly.

·         Kneeling down, keep your both palms flat on the floor

·         Shifting the body weight onto the palms, slowly push the left leg backward The heel of the left leg would point upward, with the toe resting on the floor

·         Lower the left knee to the floor. The right leg would be in the bend position, with the knee in line with the ankle

·         Lower the pelvis down, and lookup

2.    Padmasana (Lotus Position)

This cross-legged meditation yoga pose is from Hatha Yoga. Padmasana or the Lotus Pose is a meditation pose. Besides strengthening the muscles, it helps in sharpening the mind through meditation. After all, a healthy mind is crucial for becoming a healthy person. Dubaiyogatrainers train the students in getting into this pose.

To perform this yoga pose:

·         Take the Ardhapadmasana position with the right foot resting on the left thigh

·         In the same way, place the left foot on the right thigh

·         Both the foot should be close to the pelvis

·         Meditate keeping your both palms facing upward on the knees

·         The yoga pose would be more effective when accompanies with a soulful music

3.    Mandukasana (Frog Pose)

As the name indicates, the person would take the shape of a frog during Mandukasana. The yoga pose mentioned in the ancient Hatha yoga has been included in modern yoga practices as well.

Mandukasana can be performed the following way:

·         Stand straight on the yoga mat

·         Slowly drop both knees down

·         The buttocks would rest on the heel elevated up, with the toe pointing rearward

·         Keep the right palm on the navel region and the left palm on top of the right arm

·         Bend down slowly onto the ground exhaling

·         Come up inhaling

Consult Dubaiyogatrainers in case of any doubts regarding the yoga poses.

4.    Hasta Uttanasana (Raised Arm Pose)

Hasta Uttanasana is a yoga pose that helps in improving oxygen supply around the body. Expansion of ribs and chest during the raised arm pose helps in inhaling as much oxygen.

To perform Hasta Uttanasana:

·         Stand erect and raise the palms above the head

·         Joining the palms bend backward slowly

·         Tilt your head and upper back region backward

·         Keep your hands close to your ears

Pursue all yoga poses we mention here only under the guidance of Dubaiyogatrainers.

5.    Vasishtasana (Side Plank Pose)

This is a modern sideway balancing pose. Vasishtasana can be performed by:

·         From plan posture, raise your right hand upwards

·         Facing right side, raise the right leg as well and place it on the left leg

·         Repeat the yoga asana slowly on both the sides

Have you decided to commence a healthy life this New Year?

Consult us for starting yoga, under the guidance of expert Dubaiyoga trainers. Let the yoga poses rejuvenate your body and soul.

For joining our yoga classes, contact us now. 

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