Difficulties of Yoga Without Proper guidance

Difficulties of yoga without proper guidance

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Yoga may be the only physical activity in the world that strengthens both mind and body. The yoga poses necessitate concentration of the mind as well as the flexibility of the body. By delving into the depths of yoga, you will be nourishing your thoughts, boosting memory power, enhancing concentration, improving blood circulation, energizing organs for better performance, and regularizing metabolism.   

This leads us to the question, “can yoga be done without the guidance of yoga trainers?”

The direct answer to the question is, yes you can do it. Nonetheless, one must know whether it is right or advisable to perform yoga poses by oneself. Or why experienced people advise you to join yoga classes in Dubai or do yoga asanas only under the guidance of Dubai yoga trainers.

Why Yoga Should Be Performed Only Under the Guidance of Yoga Trainers?

You might have seen people doing yoga watching YouTube videos or imitating yoga poses given in illustrated books. They may not be aware of the difference between starting yoga by themselves and under Dubai yoga trainers. Many state the excuse that they don’t have time to join yoga classes in Dubai or arrive at the place of yoga trainers.

We would suggest, it is better to stop doing yoga. Rather than performing the complex yoga poses all by self. A wrong posture could be damaging and may result in more issues. The reasons for advising you to go for yoga asanas under a yoga trainer only are:

        The yoga instructor, guru, or guru at the yoga classes in Dubai will consider your safety as paramount. He or she will be constantly monitoring and guiding you whilst doing those complex yoga poses, to avoid any unfortunate incident.

        The yoga trainer will be motivating you and will be initiating positive thoughts that will increase the effect of asanas. The renowned Dubai yoga trainers know how to nourish the students with good thoughts.

        Yoga classes in Dubai also focus on inspiring the students to dream and achieve greater targets. The inspiration would be more effective when one is practicing pranayama and meditation techniques. By sawing the seed of a dream in your subconscious mind, the yoga trainer will be guiding you to the path of success.

        Each of the yoga poses must be undertaken for a particular duration. Although you can check the watch to maintain the timing, it is better under a yoga trainer.

        You will be undergoing yoga classes in Dubai in a group, consisting of men and women from different walks of life. Unlike you do it at your home, along with your spouse or children. The community of health-conscious individuals will inspire you not only in yoga but in other activities in life. The relation will grow stronger with time and will be beneficial for you in several ways.

        More than just following yoga poses, it has a philosophy that describes human life, mind, existence, and death. Learning the in-depth concepts from yoga trainers at the Dubai yoga classes can enlighten your inner-self.  

Benefits of Doing Yoga Under Proper Guidance

As we have seen, it is always beneficial to perform yoga poses under the guidance of a yoga instructor. The points that make guidance an important part are:

        Consistency in following the routine. You may tend to stop if you are doing yoga at your home.

        The yoga trainer will know the proper procedure to perform each of the yoga poses and will train you accordingly.

        Deeper knowledge about the asanas.

        The yoga instructor will teach you the yoga poses depending on your health objective.

It is best to practice yoga only under a yoga trainer in Dubai or wherever you are located. Avoiding yoga poses by self would render you with great benefits and prevent any unfortunate incidents.






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