Yoga Poses Helps to Reduce Body Weight

Effective power yoga poses that help to reduce body weight

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 Obesity or overweight is one of the most common problems in the new generation era. Long hours of sitting, stressful work-life scenario, unhealthy diet, and lack of physical activities have been the main reasons for the issue. The thousands of years old yoga asanas are the most effective method to burn the extra calories, get rid of belly fat, and gain a perfect body. Power yoga is observed to be similar to a cardiovascular workout. 

 Therefore, yoga poses as part of the same is the best method to start a renewed life with a healthy soul and body. Joining yoga classes in Dubai would be ideal to pursue yoga asanas for reducing body weight under expert guidance. The yoga trainers with their immense experience will be able to guide you to achieve excellent results. Before we move on to power yoga poses, let’s see the factors that cause obesity or overweight. 

 What are the Causes for Excessive Body Weight?   

 One’s lifestyle, diet, and emotional conditions are the predominant factors that lead to excessive body weight or obesity. Even though yoga asanas reduce body weight, an individual must identify what may be the reason for the increase. The understanding of the factor will help in focusing on result-oriented yoga poses while undergoing yoga classes in Dubai. The weight gain could be due to several reasons, including the following.

1. Stress 

The most common issue faced by this generation is stress. Globalization and consequent competition among companies have turned employees’ life stressful. Because of stress, the cortisol level in the body elevates. Leading to high Insulin levels and craving for more food. Nothing else needed to make you obese. 

 2. Depression

 An uncommon issue erstwhile, depression has become a common scenario in the world of cut-throat competition. People who are anxious about the future, those left behind in the race, and those who couldn’t achieve the success they wished for can be affected by depression. Depression can affect metabolism, the energy level of an individual, and appetite, causing obesity. On the other hand, it can be vice versa as well. That is, increased body weight or obesity can be a reason for depression. 

 3. Sleep Disorder

Psychological conditions, stress, familial issues, tension at the workplace, and similar things can affect your sleep. Consequently, the production of satiating hormone Leptin reduces. Therefore, the individual with a sleep disorder will not feel full even after eating sufficient food. Moreover, the reduced Leptin level causes an increase in the production of another hormone Ghrelin. Contrary to Leptin, Ghrelin is a hunger-inducing hormone. The individual will feel hungry due to the augmented level of Ghrelin, resulting in increased diet and gaining of weight. 

 Besides the above-mentioned, metabolic issues, certain medicines, uncontrolled diet, junk food, mood swing, etc can also instigate weight gain.

 Power Yoga Poses for Reducing Body Weight

Consistency and dedication are the two main aspects of reducing body weight through power yoga poses. The yoga trainers in Dubai can aid in reducing weight by ensuring that you are correctly performing the yoga poses consistently. Some of the power yoga poses or asanas for reducing body weight are elaborated below:

 1. Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose

This yoga pose from Hatha yoga is normally practiced among the asanas as part of Suryanamaskar. Primarily aimed at strengthening the abdominal muscles, at the same time, relaxing the backbone area, the Bhujangasana is one of the effective postures for reducing body weight, as well as, tummy. 

 2. Dhanurasana or Bow Pose 

The body posture during this asana is similar to Bhujangasana. From Hatha yoga, Dhanurasana also strengthens stomach muscles, energizes internal organs, and relaxes vertebral columns. Those with backache, disc issues, or stomach-related complications may avoid performing this asana. You may discuss the conditions with the instructor at the yoga classes in Dubai before commencing this yoga pose. 

 3. Garudasana or Eagle Pose

Similar to other yoga poses, this asana also must be performed on an empty stomach. Garudasana is done in a standing pose. This power yoga pose also helps in strengthening the calf and ankle. In addition to stretching the shoulder, upper back, and hip.

4. Kumbhakasana or The Plank Pose

The yoga asana is done in a lying-down position, remaining parallel to the ground with the body weight on hands and ankles. This asana helps in reducing excess stomach, enhances metabolism, and burns excessive fat. 

5. Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation

This is one of the most effective and unavoidable power yoga poses. You will be taught to do this yoga asana by the instructors in yoga classes in Dubai. Surya Namskar will boost strength and flexibility, burn belly fat, and tone the body. 

 Undoubtedly, yoga poses or asanas with a focused attitude can help you reduce weight remarkably. Consider joining yoga classes in Dubai today and commence your journey to a healthy tomorrow.  






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