Hatha Vs Vinyasa

Hatha Vs Vinyasa Yoga; Which one is right for you?

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Yoga always has something for every person depending on what they want. All it takes is a little trial and error. The most common styles of Yoga you can see are Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. Both Hatha and Vinyasa are rooted in using our breath to strengthen our body and mind. They both put an emphasis on breathing, but while practicing Vinyasa yoga, it’s done at a faster pace and it links movement to breathe. Whereas Hatha is slower-paced and more meditative and hence the poses are held longer to deepen the stretches. Hatha Vinyasa Yoga is a combination of the two disciplines. So how would you determine which one’s the best for you? We can break down the differences and benefits and also the best ways you can incorporate them into your workout routine.

How can Hatha Yoga benefit me?

Hatha is the blend of ‘ha’ which means sun and ‘tha’ which means moon. It denotes the power that unifies the opposite forces to bring the body and mind together. It starts with breath-controlled exercises which are called pranayamas. It is then followed by a series of postures which are known as asanas. Amateurs find Hatha yoga easier as it’s slower and less intense compared to Vinyasa. Hatha is known to be gentler and works to align our musculoskeletal structure and also to balance the masculine and feminine energies. It’s usually easy to control the breathing during its practice sessions as poses are held for multiple breaths. Whereas, Vinyasa would require pose changes on each breath which can be harder for newcomers to keep up with. It mainly aims to concentrate and open up your nadis, which are the energy channels that can drive energy into the body. These channels are said to be increasing spiritual awareness when they are opened properly.

How is Vinyasa Yoga beneficial for me?

When coming to Vinyasa Yoga, it links one breath and one movement, each time the posture is changed, a breath is taken. It is more physically and mentally demanding as the poses change quickly and you’ll have to have great knowledge about the asanas to keep up with it. It mostly demands continuous movement from one position to another oftentimes quickly. It is good for blood flow and also works the cardiovascular system to create heat which makes it more intense. Vinyasa yoga poses are said to be rhythmic yet powerful and can boost up your confidence level and help you develop a self-image that is positive. It is said to be a great cleanser for your internal body as it thins the blood and creates a lighter and healthier body. If you are looking for the best Vinyasa yoga classes in Dubai, you are assuredly at the right places we offer first-class services for new as well as experienced yogis.

 How to figure out which practice is the best for you?

Regularly practicing any style of yoga can definitely lead to a boost up of mindfulness, health, better digestion, increased flexibility, fitness, and better cardiovascular health. Firstly, consider your fitness goals. The best suitable style of yoga would depend on this. If you want a more energetic and fast-paced style that would let you sweat, Vinyasa Yoga is what you should choose. If you want a slower, calmer stretching session to experience deeper relaxation, Hatha yoga would be the right choice for you. We offer pre-eminent Hatha yoga classes in Dubai to guide you from the basics to the professional level.

Hatha yoga poses burn calories slower but can increase your metabolism, helping to burn fat. Whereas, Vinyasa can help burn a lot of calories in each session. Anyhow, Vinyasa can be dangerous if performed heedlessly as most of the poses need a high level of flexibility and good practice. If you are a beginner,  start with Hatha, and you can learn the basics, slowly increasing your flexibility. Varying your sessions with both styles can help you change your body and to grow in the best possible ways. Get in touch with us to know more about the services we offer.

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