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Importance of Yoga for students in schools and universities

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Schools and universities might be packed with young budding talents, but that doesn’t mean they are excluded from stresses and other pressures of life. Imagine the school and college-going students sitting at their desks for hours attending 6-7 hours of classes and coming back home to finish the daily assignments, reminiscing and studying the daily lessons, examinations- these all can build up tensions and stress in the body and mind. In addition to all these, there is added societal and family pressure, anxiety, bullying, and other emotional crises- all these can lead to a lack of concentration in studies and can take a toll on the school and college-going students in the UAE and the rest of the world. The pandemic period and the online classes have added more stress and pressure to the students.

In these circumstances, the importance of Yoga for students comes into the picture, and Yoga brings your body, mind, and breath together to create a perfect balance.  In today’s strained and stressed lifestyle, Yoga can be the ideal addition to the school curriculum as it can help students maintain calmness and grow holistically.

The benefits of Yoga for students include fighting out everyday stress, panic attacks and helping the students to lead a better lifestyle. Here are some of the benefits of Yoga for students and why Yoga is essential for students.

Lessens stress and anxiety

One of the benefits of Yoga for students includes its capability of encouraging them to live in the moment by stopping the mental chatter, which reduces stress and anxiety. Students who practice Yoga regularly can experience lower levels of stress and anxiety and subsequently better-quality academic performance.

Enhances memory and attention span

Another benefit of Yoga for students is it helps enhance memory function, which gives a direct advantage to academic performance. The importance of Yoga for students includes it helps to improve the attention span and focus of students. Yoga benefits children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and reduces the fundamental symptoms such as hyperactivity, inattentiveness, and impulsivity.

 Weight Management

Kids tend to consume unhealthy junk food; yoga assists to counterpoise this lifestyle. Through regular Yoga practice of asanas, students (particularly those kids who are not really into sports) can achieve a healthy weight. The benefit of Yoga for students includes curbing the challenge of obesity at a very young age in a healthy way.

Enhances flexibility, posture, and balance

Sitting and studying for hours every day and extended screen time results in incorrect posture, leading to significant anatomy complications in later life. The practice of various asanas relentlessly results in posture correction, enhances flexibility, and advances balance as it brings equilibrium to the human body. This is one of the excellent benefits of Yoga for students.

Yoga promotes healing of body and mind, and it teaches the practitioner to respect and love their own body and mind. An experienced yoga trainer in Dubai can teach the values of self-love and self-care at a very young age. If you are on the lookout for professional yoga trainers in Dubai, then Dubaiyogatrainers are one of Dubai’s trusted and renowned Kids’ yoga specialists. The  Yoga gurus at Dubaiyogatrainers teach the children to be comfortable in their own skin and nurture it well. Students are suffocated by academic and many other extra-curricular activities and societal pressure. With more than two decades of experience at Dubaiyogatrainers, the Yoga gurus students are taught how to handle anxiety and manage the different phases of life effectively.

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