Sivananda Yoga For Beginners

Sivananda Yoga for Beginners in Dubai

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One of the slower-paced styles of yoga, Sivananda Yoga poses created by Swami Sivananda gives more prominence to spirituality, meditation, and breathing. Sivananda Yoga Asanas is a whole-life approach style based on five principles of yoga philosophy- relaxation of the mind & body, balanced vegetarian diet, meditation & positive thinking, circulation & flexibility, and breathing exercises. Sivananda Yoga poses comprises a mixture of breathing exercises and poses which are centered around 12 yoga poses.  The Yoga gurus will regulate the strain of these poses according to the capability of the student.  Sivananda Yoga poses objectives to reinforce muscle groups of the body and also tone them.  Sivananda Yoga Asanas are an excellent relaxation technique as well as an effective workout method.  The Sivananda yoga poses permit you to remain relaxed and calm during the yoga sessions while promoting your muscle balance and strength. 

Benefits of Sivananda Yoga poses

The additional weightage gives on spirituality and positive thinking, the Sivananda yoga asanas are good options for yoga for meditation, self-empowerment, and stress relief. Sivananda Yoga poses are a recommended style to increase vitality and reinstate or reboot the body. Sivananda yoga poses are also beneficial for those individuals who require a constructive change in their lifestyle as Sivananda’s style of yoga integrates diet and positive thinking with each yoga session.

Most of the  Sivananda yoga sessions last about 90 minutes where you get a few minutes of rest between the asanas. The Yoga sessions generally start with resting followed by Pranayama. After brief relaxation, ‘Kapalbhati’ and ‘Anulom Vilom Breathing exercises are practiced followed by the following yoga poses.

1. Headstand (Sirsasana)

2. Shoulderstand (Sarvangasana)

3. Plough (Halasana)

4. Fish (Matsyasana)

5. Sitting forward bend (Paschimottanasana)

6. Cobra (Bhujangasana)

7. Locust (Shalabhasana)

8. Bow (Dhanurasana)

9. Spinal twist (Ardha Matsyendrasana)

10. Crow (Kakasana) or peacock (Mayurasana)

11. Standing forward bend (Padahastasana)

12. Triangle (Trikonasana)

The Benefits offered by Sivananda Yoga practice are innumerable. They are: 

• Benefits overall health and well-being

• Relieves muscle tension 

• Improved core strength and stability

• Enhanced energy levels

• Optimistic mental attitude, increased concentration & focus

• Establishes advanced mind & body soul connection

• Enhances healthy nervous system 

• Increased flexibility

• Aids in making the digestive system strong

• During the practice of Sivananda Yoga asanas, the thyroid gland is stimulated which plays a considerable role in the metabolism, nutrition of the body.

• It strengthens the flexibility of the spine which helps in keeping the body youthful.

• A Sivananda Yoga asana named Paschimottanasana diminishes fat in the abdomen and is a great pose for obesity

Sivananda yoga sessions begin and end with chanting and meditation. Sivananda Yoga practices the same 12 basic poses or asanas and their different variations. Sivananda Yoga sessions normally begin with the Sun Salutations and end in Savasana or Corpse pose. If you are not keen on the idea of vegetarianism, Sivananda Yoga poses may not be the best option for you as it inspires students to accept a vegetarian lifestyle with the purpose of improving digestion and health.

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