Standing Yoga Poses For Beginners

Standing Yoga Poses For Beginners

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 Yoga, the ancient physical exercise that has been proven to energize both mind and soul, can be practiced by individuals of any age. At the same time, some yoga poses require a flexible body and unwavering concentration. Without this, it can turn counterproductive. Understanding this aspect, we came up with this article elaborating on some of the standing yoga poses for beginners. Of course, this article may not be necessary if you plan to enroll in yoga classes in the best yoga center in Dubai

 Tadasana or Mountain Pose

 Tadasana (Samasthiti) or Mountain Pose is one of the asanas from modern yoga scriptures and is not mentioned in hatha yoga. It is a simple yoga pose that can be performed by beginners without much effort. However, knowing the correct posture of Tadasana is vital, since it is the basis for many standing yoga poses. 

 Virabhadrasana or Warrior Pose

 When performed, Virabhadrasana will emulate a warrior. That’s why it is called the Warrior pose. It is a group of standing asanas. This asana will strengthen most of the limbs and body parts and expand hips, shoulders, etc. Individuals with cardiovascular issues may avoid performing this asana. Or inform the same to the instructors at the yoga classes in Dubai.


 Uttanasana or standing forward bend will strengthen the backbone, thighs, knees, and legs. Further, relaxes shoulders, hips, and calves. The asana is ideal for improving flexibility, reducing stress, and soothing the soul. It is an essential part of yoga for beginners. Best yoga centers in Dubai have this as part of yoga classes. 

 Trikonasana or Triangle Pose

 One of the poses from modern yoga asanas, Trikonasana will stretch body muscles, knees, forearms, hips, hamstrings, shoulders and other body parts. Moreover, the asana is beneficial for inducing flexibility and strengthening of legs, ankles, abdominal muscles, and vertebrae columns. By improving blood circulation and activating organs, the pose boosts the overall functioning of the body. 

 Vrikshasana or Tree Pose

 Vrikshasana from hatha yoga is one of the few standing asanas. Aiding in enhancing concentration and inducing body balance, this is advised as part of yoga for beginners. The experienced teachers in yoga classes in Dubai (or elsewhere) will help the student to perform this asana properly. It will also strengthen the legs, calves, ankles, abdomen, thighs, and backbone.

 Utkatasana or Chair Pose

Utkatasana, from medieval hatha yoga, is also practiced in modern yoga for beginners as well as others. The pose is similar to slow squats and aid in the flexibility of the body. It stimulates the heart, abdominal organs and vitalizes body parts.

 Viparita Virabhadrasana or Reverse Warrior Pose

 This is an opposite pose to Virabhadrasana. Requiring good flexibility of the body, ensure that you practice it only under the guidance of expert yoga trainers in yoga classes in Dubai. It is advised for relieving carpal tunnel syndrome, flat feet, infertility issues, osteoporosis etcetera. The asana strengthens the groin area, chest, backbone, legs, and ankles. Useful for increasing strength, the asana is included in the schedule of standing yoga poses for beginners.

 Dubai Yoga Trainers Pursues a Systematically Derived Yoga for Beginners

 Dubai yoga trainers (DYT) has been one of the best yoga centers in Dubai. Our yoga classes have been attracting individuals from all age groups. It is essential to get the beginners into the path of yoga through a meticulously prepared yoga process. We follow a step-by-step procedure that entails close guidance and formulated instructional methods to help them in the best way possible. 

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