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Why do you need Yoga Mats and how do you Choose the Right One?

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One of the most common accessories that you would see with someone performing yoga postures or going to a yoga training center will be yoga mats. Yoga mats are indeed one of the most required yoga accessories. Why are yoga mats so important? Let us take a look at a few of the reasons:

  • Better Balance – Balance and posture are important while performing yoga poses. If your posture is not right, the chances of injuries are very high. Yoga mats help in providing you with better balance and performing the yoga asanas in the correct posture.
  • Personal Space – Having a yoga mat while performing yoga postures ensures that you have a personal space for practicing yoga. A yoga mat can help people understand that you are practicing yoga, especially when you are in a public place, and leave you to it.
  • Slip Free – Usually practicing yoga poses can make you sweat, which could lead to you sweating and slipping, causing injuries. Yoga mats are made with anti-skid materials so that you do not slip while performing the poses. You can also use the yoga mat to practice yoga, especially if the outdoors are wet. 

These are some of the reasons that highlight the importance of yoga mats. So, the next step will be buying the yoga mat that suits your needs. With so many types of yoga mats available in the market, how can you possibly find the one that is right for you? Here are some tips that can help you choose the best yoga mat for you:

  • Material – Yoga mats are made using a variety of materials, including natural rubber, cotton, and jute. Each material type has its own advantages and makes sure that you get to know the pros and cons of each material to find the one that suits you.
  • Thickness – The thickness of the yoga mat becomes important as it determines the level of comfort you experience while performing the yoga postures. The ideal thickness for a yoga mat is between half and one inch. You can also use thicker yoga mats for more comfort, however, using any yoga mat that is thicker than one and a half inches will cause you to lose the spirit of yoga.
  • Texture – The texture of a yoga mat is important for a better yoga experience. The yoga mat you choose should be coarse as it helps you to hold your positions on the mat, without slipping. Never choose a yoga mat that is too smooth as the chances of slipping from the mat are high.
  • Price – Deciding on the budget you have for the yoga mat will help you choose the one for you.

These are some of the things to check while buying a yoga mat for performing yoga poses and leading a life that is healthy in body, mind, and spirit. With the right yoga mat, you can practice your yoga postures and build your body strength and improve its flexibility.

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