Yoga for Seniors

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Ageing is a process that no one can stop, no matter how hard they try. Being aged is one of the best times in a person’s life, yet it is also one of the most dreaded times. It ought to be a time when people look back at their past, the good old days, and their many achievements, but it is actually spent in anxiety and fear.

As people age, their body starts experiencing some changes too. Their body would be less flexible, they would not be able to do things as fast as they were once able to and the changes go on and on. The physical, mental and psychological changes that the seniors face can increase the risk and severity of the ailments.

One of the best ways to ensure that the seniors stay healthy and happy is to get their mind engaged in some other interesting activities. Leading a physically active lifestyle can get their mind and body moving again. Their body may not be best suited to perform high intensity and strenuous exercises, which makes yoga a perfect way to help them be healthy and happy.

At Dubai Yoga Trainers, we understand how important it is to help the seniors to live and age gracefully. It is why we have designed a Yoga for Seniors program. Our program includes yoga exercises that are light on the body, yet powerful in health benefits. With a special focus on breathing, our Yoga for Seniors program helps the mind of the practitioners be relieved from stress and fatigue.

Our experienced yoga instructors are trained in handing classes expertly for the seniors. Their dedication and patience will help each senior individual to fully understand the meaning of each pose and posture and practice it perfectly. The attention provided by our instructors to each individual ensures that practicing yoga becomes a wonderful experience for each one of them.

Why Yoga for Seniors?

Tailored Classes

Our Yoga for Seniors program is tailored according to the various needs of the seniors. Each yoga asana and exercise is light on the body so that it can be practiced
with the slightest of efforts.

Health Benefits

The yoga asanas included in this program are designed to provide holistic health to the practitioners, including physical and mental benefits. Each moment you spend with us goes a long way towards making you better than before.

Private Sessions

No need to get out of your home for your favorite yoga session. Our instructors will come to your home and provide you with the best yoga training. With us, you can experience a life that isn’t just healthy, but convenient too.

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