Yoga Poses For Healthy Heart

Yoga Poses Beneficial for the Heart

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The heart is one of the most important organs in the body. However, a lack of physical exercises and following unhealthy lifestyle practices have increased the risk of heart ailments. Now, even young people are falling prey to heart attacks and other conditions. 

Keeping the heart healthy is important if we wish to live a happy and healthy life. Engaging in physical activities like yoga can help in keeping your heart healthy. Yoga postures for many centuries have helped people be healthy, energetic and experience better harmony between their body and mind.

Yoga Postures for the Heart

Engaging in yoga exercise regularly can keep your heart healthy and provide many other health benefits. Here are some yoga postures that you can train and perfect with online yoga classes in Dubai.

1. Vrikshasana


Vrikshasana, also known as Tree Pose, is one of the most popular yoga poses due to its wonderful health benefits. To perform the yoga posture, start by standing straight and your arms must be by your body’s side. Slowly lift your right leg and place the feet on the thigh region of the left leg and balance yourself on your left leg. Inhale, and raise your arms and fold your palms together in a ‘namaste’ above your head. Look straight to keep your balance and body straight, and breathe gently. Breathing out, bring your hands down and your feet to the ground. Repeat on the other leg. Vrikshasana helps in opening the heart and providing you with a balanced posture.

2. Trikonasana


Trikonasana, or Triangle Pose, is another yoga posture that helps in keeping your heart healthy. To perform the pose, stand straight with your feet apart. Turn your right feet around 90 degrees and your left leg about 15 degrees. Balance the weight of the body on your both feet. Breathe in and out, and keep your waist straight, bend your upper body so that your right hand touches your right feet and the left hand is in the air. Stretch your body as much as you can so that the chest region opens and the heart is worked. 

3. Virabhadrasana


The Warrior Pose, or Virabhadrasana, is an important yoga posture that comes with a lot of health benefits, including keeping the heart healthy. To perform Veerabhadrasana, stand straight and keep your feet apart. Turn your right feet to around 90 degrees and left feet about 15 degrees. Lift your arms to the side and keep them parallel to the ground. Next, bend your right knee and breathe evenly, turn your head to the right side and look straight. Stretch your body and hold the position. Virabhadrasana helps in keeping heart rate in regulating your heart rate.

4. Bhujangasana


Bhujangasana is also known as the Cobra Pose and it comes with plenty of health benefits. To do the asana, start by lying flat on your stomach. Make sure that your palms must are under the shoulders. Your forehead must touch the ground. Breathe in and gently lift your upper body. Stretch your neck and hold the position. Breathing out, return to the original position. The Cobra Pose helps in opening your heart and strengthening it.

These are some of the yoga poses that help in strengthening your heart. Dubai Yoga Trainers provide online yoga classes in Dubai. If you are looking for personal yoga instructors in Dubai to practice your yoga poses the best way, you can have them with Dubai Yoga Trainers. Contact us now!

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