Yoga Poses For Loneliness

Yoga to fight off loneliness

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Much has been spoken about the loneliness of older people. Loneliness among the expats is a less discussed topic. Deciding to be an expat can bring a certain kind of loneliness. Imagine being away from family, friends, and homeland and stepping into a new and strange world- an individual is exposed to all types of challenges and difficulties. Few of the expats might get accustomed to their situations and life in a new country, but most of them fight out battles with stress, anxiety, and loneliness to move on with a new life.

Of course, you get several advantages as an expat, new job opportunities, chances to enhance your skills and exposure to a different culture, and many more. Loneliness is a complex emotion that is difficult to overcome. One might lack a feeling of genuine connection and a sense of belonging.

As an expat, you might have tried and tested several techniques to fight out loneliness. Still, if this emotional epidemic keeps resonating with you, you should try exploring Yoga Poses For Loneliness, pranayama, and more.

Did you know that Yoga Poses For Loneliness is a good companion to get rid of loneliness? This article will take you through a few Yoga Poses For Loneliness and other techniques to fight loneliness.

Yoga Poses For Loneliness

You should always remember that tackling loneliness through Yoga Poses For Loneliness
is not through complete solitude or being with the community constantly. But by balancing the connection with the self in solitude and being mindful or aware of who you are spending the valuable moments of your lives with. When you can be physically present with the important people in your life, you don’t unravel. But assure that you are always connected with them.

Supine twist

Lie on your back. Bend knees and take them together. Stretch the arms out in T shape. Bend the right knee and keep the right foot on the left knee. Take 5 -6 breaths. Inhale – keep the knees back to the centre. Exhale and release them to the other side.

Balasana ( Child Pose)

Sit on a mat, put the Knees together or apart.
Bend forward slowly by lowering the forehead and then touch the floor, exhaling while doing this. Keep your arms alongside your body and ensure that your palms are facing up. Now, press your chest on the thighs gently. Hold for around 45 seconds to 1 minute and regulate your breath. While exhaling, soften your arms and the body. Repeat this for 4-12 breaths.

Now, keep your palms under the shoulders and gradually raise your upper body to return to the old sitting position on the heels and inhale while doing this. Relax.

There are several other benefits attached to the Child’s Pose- it helps to calm down the brain, reduces stress, helps in easing lower back pain, and increases circulation.

Virasana with nada yoga

Sitting back on your heels, come to a kneeling position. You can elevate your seat with a blanket or cushion. Take Some time to notice how your body, mind, and breath feel. Move your attention to listening and observe sounds around you. Hear the most distant sounds. Know how quickly you move into making meaning to sound.

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