International Day of Yoga 2021

Dubai Yoga Trainers welcomes all to celebrate this international yoga day 2021

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Yoga is an ancient mental, physical, and spiritual practice, and its origins can be traced to India. Yoga involves movement, meditation, and breathing techniques that promote mental and physical well-being.

Yoga has several disciplines within the practice and is practiced around the globe in various forms. Considering the growing popularity and universal appeal, the United Nations, in 2014, declared 21 June as the International Yoga Day.

The objective of the International Day of Yoga is to raise awareness of the various benefits of yoga practice on a global level. The draft resolution demonstrating the International Day of Yoga was proposed by India and endorsed by 175 member states.

June 21 was selected as International Day of Yoga as the day is marked as the Summer Solstice- the day with the longest period of daylight.
Regular practice of Yoga Poses can provide an individual with several physical and mental health benefits. DubaiYogaTrainers are one of the eminent Certified Yoga Trainers in Dubai. The experts at DubaiYogaTrainers focus on wellness in your mind, body and
spirit by embracing yoga as a new way of life. Several factors differentiate Dubai YogaTrainers from other trainers in Dubai.

Yoga at your home – The team at Dubai Yoga Trainers believe that Yoga Poses
should be learned in a place where you are comfortable, and keeping this in mind, Dubai Yoga Trainers offer yoga training services at the comfort of your home.

Private Yoga Classes– We are all different as individuals, and some of us may not be comfortable enrolling for group Yoga sessions and prefer one-on-one classes. That’s one of the added features offered by Dubai Yoga Trainers – Private Yoga Classes. The Private yoga sessions by Dubai Yoga Trainers include Yoga Poses customized to your needs, breathing exercises, meditation, and various relaxation techniques.

Yoga for Seniors– This is an exclusive offer by Dubai Yoga Trainers. Ageing brings many changes to your mental and physical health, and you might not be able to flex your body the way you want to. That’s when exercises with lighter body movements come into the picture. The team at Dubai Yoga Trainers understands how important it is to help the seniors to live and age gracefully, and the Yoga for Seniors program offers you Yoga Poses that are light on the body yet powerful in health benefits. Yoga for Seniors program provides a particular focus on breathing and helps the mind of the practitioners be relieved from stress and fatigue.
Ladies Yoga with Lady Trainer– The expert instructors at Dubai Yoga Trainers understand the importance of helping women stay in their best shape and mental health. We also know that few ladies will be comfortable with a lady instructor. That’s the reason why Dubai Yoga Trainers have designed a Ladies Yoga program with asanas and exercises tailored to meet their requirements.

Corporate Yoga Classes– Life in a corporate world is synonymous with stress and strain. Dubai Yoga Trainers’ Corporate yoga training program concentrates on various asanas and postures that are efficient stress relievers.

Online Yoga Classes– The Covid-19 pandemic has restructured the world in all ways possible. The rise of online learning has reached its peak during the pandemic; keeping these in mind, Dubai Yoga Trainers has introduced exclusive online yoga programs. Dubai Yoga Trainers’ online yoga classes are specifically designed to help you learn the techniques and posture without the physical presence of your yoga instructor.
Now with International Yoga Day approaching, would you like to know more about the Importance of Yoga and the physical and mental health it offers? The expert Yoga instructors at Dubai Yoga Trainers can help you with your queries and the simplest doubts. We welcome all the Yoga enthusiasts to celebrate this international yoga day 2021 with us.

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